Penthouse’s Choi Ye Bin Is No Longer the Daughter of a Super-Rich Family In Her New Drama “It’s Beautiful Now”

Choi Ye Bin, who participated in “Penthouse“, has recently resurfaced in a blockbuster TV drama.

Choi Ye Bin is a newcomer whose life was transformed by the popular series “Penthouse“.

Choi Ye Bin is currently a rare “Penthouse” star who has returned to the screen.

Not inferior to the previous blockbuster, “the actress” resurfaced in a “super blockbuster rating” titled “It’s Beautiful Now,” with the series reaching a rating of 24 percent right from the start.

Choi Ye Bin plays Na Yu Na, the eldest daughter in a middle-class household, in the new series.

She has wanted to be a pastry chef since she was a child, and she is currently studying at a baking academy while still working as a courier.

Yu Na, who belongs to the primary plot of the film, has a strong relationship with the male lead Soo Jae (Seo Bun June), who works part-time for a delivery business.

Choi Ye Bin, no longer the daughter of a super-rich family as in the “Penthouse” era, featured in “It’s Beautiful Now” with a very plain picture.

However, the female rookie’s appearance is still quite attractive; her youth and freshness attract sympathy from the viewers.

After a while out of “Penthouse“, Choi Ye Bin has grown a lot in acting, no longer having “puffy, puffy cheeks” and rolling her eyes like in the previous series.

“It’s Beautiful Now” centres around Mr. Lee Kyung Cheol’s family, which includes three grandchildren aged 27-36-39, who are all “against” marital life and have no plans to marry.

As a result, Mr. Lee has promised to give his grandson a house if he marries within the next six months.



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