LOONA’s Chuu May Never Be Allowed To Use Her Stage Name “LOONA’s Chuu” Ever Again

Blockberry Creative, the agency that had a feud with LOONA member Chuu over an exclusive contract, sought for a trademark, it was later confirmed.

On the 4th of last month, Blockberry Creative, LOONA‘s agency, registered trademark rights for “LOONA’s Chuu” with the Korean Intellectual Property Office.

In 2018, a similar incident occurred at another agency. By the time the agency MBK Entertainment contract ends, T-ara is said to have submitted an information release to the Korean Intellectual Property Office to warn them of the unfairness of the trademark rights that MBK applied for under the name of the “T-ARA” team.

When their contract with Cube Entertainment expired in 2016, the band “Beast” renamed themselves “Highlight.” This is due to Cube‘s refusal to provide them trademark rights.

Why did you only register Chu?” and “Then, Chuu can’t use her stage name afterwards?” asked fans of “LOONA” who were aware of Chuu’s trademark registration in the online community.

Chu‘s motion for an injunction to suspend the validity of the exclusive contract filed against her agency Blockberry Creative in December of last year was recently referenced by the court on March 29th.

Blockberry Creative hasn’t stated its clear viewpoint in this regard.



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