5 Greatest Song Hits Sung By The Legendary BIGBANG Since Debut

Group BIGBANG, 17 years after their debut, drew keen interest as they announced that they would make a comeback on April 5 with a new song ‘Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter’.

Since it is the first time in 4 years to see the full BIGBANG image, there is already a lot of anticipation.

As such, while BIGBANG has recently been at the center of the topic, the ‘top artist’ BIGBANG, sweeps the No. 1 SPOT.

Let’s take a look at which songs were particularly loved before BIGBANG, which has a lot of fans around the world, came to its present position.


The title song ‘Lies’ of BIGBANG’s mini-album ‘Always‘ in 2007 became a hot topic enough to call the ‘BIGBANG craze’ at the time.

Lies‘ is a song that has been recognized for its choreography, melody, and singing ability, including the narration at the beginning of the song.

In the music video, where you can see the solid storyline and the acting skills of the members, the story of a man who is sent to prison for the sins of the woman he loves was drawn.

BIGBANG’s heyday began with the song ‘Lies‘.

Haru Haru

Haru Haru‘ is the title song of BIGBANG’s 3rd mini-album ‘Stand up‘, released in 2008, and it was a song that received great love from the public following ‘Lies‘.

The music video for this song also caught a lot of attention with a story that stands out with BIGBANG’s unique atmosphere.

Haru Haru‘, which was explosively popular, also established itself as BIGBANG’s ‘Thing Song’.


The title song ‘Fantastic Baby‘ of the ‘ALIVE‘ album, released in 2012, is dance music that has inspired many people with its addictive rhythm.

In addition to the intense melody that captivates the ears from the beginning of the song, the exciting choreography at the end of the song attracted a great popularity in the past.

Among the lyrics of this song, ‘boomshakaraka’, a catchy choir, can be said to be the most popular buzzword at the time.


In May 2015, BIGBANG announced their comeback after three years with the album ‘M‘, which contained the title song ‘LOSER‘.

G-Dragon, T.O.P, Taeyang, and Teddy participated in writing and composing for ‘LOSER‘, and BIGBANG members appeared in the music video with more mature visuals than before, drawing a lot of attention at the same time as their comeback.

This is a song that tells the story of a man who calls himself a ‘loser‘, and was loved by creating a different atmosphere from the previous Big Bang songs.

LOSER‘ topped the music charts and music shows for the month of May along with ‘BAE BAE‘, another b-side song from the ‘M‘ album.

Bang Bang Bang

A month after the release of the ‘M‘ album, even before the lingering sound of ‘LOSER‘ faded, BIGBANG released the ‘A‘ album containing the song ‘Bang Bang Bang‘.

After only a month, BIGBANG, who returned to a different atmosphere, shook the public once again with the exciting dance song ‘Bang Bang Bang’.

The fast beat and easy-to-follow popular choreography quickly became a trend, and many people sang along to the song lyrics of ‘Bang Bang Bang’, ‘Bang-Bang-Bang-Yah’.


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