Director Steven Spielberg Under Fire After Giving Disrespectful Remarks On “Squid Game” Casts

Director Steven Spielberg called the cast of Netflix’s ‘Squid Game‘ ‘unknown actors’.

Recently, director Steven Spielberg opened up his speech at the ‘National Film Producers’ Guild Awards’ (PGA) panel speech, saying, “A long time ago, it was the American stars who drew audiences into the movies.”

“It is interesting that ‘unknown actors’ can appear in all mini-series or movies today,” he said.

“I was inspired by the fact that ‘The Squid Game’ accomplished so much without an American actor,” he added.

Director Steven Spielberg commented, “The Squid Game has completely changed the calculation method (casting).”

It was a talk about the casting and performance of ‘Squid Game’, but it was pointed out that the remark of ‘unknown actors’ was a problem.

Similar incidents have occurred before.

At the ‘Squid Game‘ screening event held in the US in November of last year, Lee Jung Jae told NBC’s ‘Extra TV’ reporter, “Now it seems that people are too recognizable to go out of the house. If there is a big change in your life after ‘Squid Game’, what would it be?” was asked.

Lee Jung Jae said, “I think the biggest change is that there are many people who recognize me,” adding, “Oh, in the United States.”

Also, in a backstage interview with the ‘Actors Guild of America’ (SAG) backstage interview last month, a reporter for the American entertainment program ‘Access Hollywood’ asked Lee Jung Jae and Jung Ho Yeon, “You became the ‘SAG’ winners. What do you miss the most from your unknown days?”

Lee Jung Jae answered with silence, and Jung Ho Yeon said, “No,” and laughed.

Netizens pointed out, “You can find out about the cast of ‘Squid Game’ with a simple Google search” and “Americans think there is only the United States in the world.” 


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