Viewers Of ‘Twenty-Five Twenty-One’ Think That Lee Joo Myung Resembles Jun Ji Hyun In Her 20s

The tvN drama ‘Twenty-Five Twenty-One‘, which captures the youth of high school students, is very popular.

Among them, attention is focused on actor Lee Joo Myung, who plays the role of Ji Seung Wan, who is the first in the school at Taeyang High School, which is the background of the drama.

Lee Joo Myung boasts innocent long straight hair, long slender limbs, deep eyes, and dense facial features.

Many viewers who saw such Lee Joo Myung responded that he looked like Jun Ji Hyun in her 20s.

There were many opinions that Jun Ji Hyun‘s characteristic clear and elegant atmosphere and simple makeup, which she showed in the movie ‘My Sassy Girl‘, were particularly similar.

Lee Joo Myung, who appeared on MBC FM4U’s ‘Check Out the Event‘, which aired on March 22, directly expressed her feelings about this reaction.

One listener told Lee Joo Myung, “Somewhere on YouTube, I saw Lee Joo Myung and saw something called ‘the second Jun Ji Hyun”.

Then she sent a message saying, “I looked closely today and there is Jun Ji Hyun (on her face). Have you ever heard of it?”

Lee Joo Myung, who confessed that he saw the video in person, laughed, saying, Someone in the comments said, “I’m not touching Jun Ji Hyun.'”

On the other hand, the popular tvN drama ‘Twenty-Five Twenty-One‘, which shows a plum-like episode and is airing, is broadcast every Saturday and Sunday at 9:10 pm.


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