Park Hyung Sik And Han So Hee Talk About Working Together For “Soundtrack #1”, Their Personalities, And More

Park Hyung Sik and Han So Hee revealed their strengths.

Park Hyung Sik and Han So Hee expressed their feelings about working together at the Disney+ Original “Soundtrack #1” online production presentation held on March 23.

Park Hyung Sik said, “I was curious about how the two of us would come out and what kind of picture it would be if we worked together with So Hee. I was also curious about the breathing of the performance

He added, “The previous works were strong, but I also had high expectations about how they would digest this genre. As we did it together, she changed into the character and seems to be an actor I am looking forward to more” he said, expressing his feelings about working with Han So Hee.

When asked about Han So Hee‘s strengths, he said, “Everyone knows she’s pretty, and she’s very bright and kind. Apart from that, she seems to be full of passion for acting. I always want to imitate her challenging appearance“.

Han So Hee said about Park Hyung Sik, “I had high expectations. I’ve heard so many people around me that he has a good personality, but sure enough, he treated me so comfortably“.

She added, “I was worried because I was shy, but oppa talked to me first and played a joke on me. People are lovely when they show up at the scene. I thought I understood what he meant when he described us as lovely“.

She continued, “First of all, he’s handsome. He talked a lot with our staff, and his noses is really pretty. Above all, his laughter was loud and had a positive effect on the scene“.

She concluded, “He is playful, talks to me a lot, and makes me feel comfortable, but in some ways, there are many things I can see and learn. I didn’t lose my composure at the scene, and even when I was tired and exhausted, I went on the shoot without showing any signs of composure”.



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