Netizens Were Suprised To See Cho Yi Hyun Transformation From Innocent To Bad Girl Vibe

Actor Cho Yi Hyun, who boasted an innocent beauty, drew attention with a radical transformation into a bad boy-like figure.

On March 4, Cho Yi Hyun‘s agency, Artist Company, released three behind-the-scenes cuts of ‘W Korea’ through the official Instagram.

In the photo, Cho Yi Hyun, with ponytail hair, is working on a photoshoot.

Cho Yi Hyun, who usually boasted a neat visual with deer-like eyes, gave off a naughty vibe with her braided hair and dark-colored cheeks.

Cho Yi Hyun made the fans flutter by posing in a cute and lovely pose.

In another photo, Cho Yi Hyun showed off her ‘hip’ charm while wearing a stylish cap with her naturally loose hair.

In the behind-the-scenes cut, Cho Yi Hyun showed off her perfect beauty and once again made the fans ‘heart-fluttering’.

Fans were surprised and enthusiastically reacted to his transformation into an unconventional concept, revealing his anti-war charm.

On the other hand, Cho Yi Hyun has established herself as a popular actress by showing excellent acting skills through the role of Nam Ra in the Netflix series ‘All Of Us Are Dead’.

Attention is paid to the future activities of Cho Yi Hyun, who boasts outstanding looks and acting skills.


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