Mamamoo Solar’s Parents Were Emotional After They Were Surprised By A Brand New Car

Mamamoo’s Solar prepared a surprise event for her parents to celebrate her birthday.

On February 24, on the YouTube channel ‘Solasido’, ‘Celebrating Solar’s birthday! A video titled ‘What are your parents’ reactions to the gift of a luxury car?’

In the video, Solar said, “It seems that I’m the only one who always received gifts on my birthday.”

“One day, it seems that I couldn’t really thank my parents properly. I prepared it,” she said.

“It’s true that it’s a little embarrassing and shameful compared to what my parents took care of while raising me, but I was worried so I prepared carefully,” she added.

The gift Solar prepared for her parents was an expensive mid-size SUV.

In particular, the SUV Solar bought for her parents is the Genesis GV line, which is one of the most expensive domestic cars, and the launch price exceeds 50 million won.

Solar, who departed to her parents’ place without even opening the plastic inside, explained, “Mom’s car is 10 years old. I don’t have a car. So, giving this car as a gift, I will inherit my mother’s car.”

Solar said she had a lot of heavy luggage and called her mother and handed her the car keys. She was surprised by the surprise gift, and her mother responded with a strong reaction that she was “so good” and gave her a broad smile.

Even his father couldn’t hide his joy.

At the end of the video, Solar expressed her gratitude to her parents, saying, “Thank you for raising me well until now.”

In addition, Solar was satisfied with the surprise event she had prepared for her parents and ended the video by saying, “Fortunately, they liked it. From now on, I will enjoy spending time with my family. Thank you to everyone who greeted me on my birthday.”


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