Kang So Ra Stuns In First Public Appearance 10 Months After Giving Birth

Actress Kang So Ra told us an amazing update. With this photo, Kang So Ra is expected to be considered one-top body care after childbirth.

Kang So Ra posted photos of a women’s clothing brand on her Instagram on February 2nd. Kang So Ra, who became a brand muse, stole attention with various poses in front of the primary color background.

In particular, Kang So Ra, who took a fashion pictorial 10 months after giving birth, boasts a slender figure and splendid beauty that netizens cannot believe she is already a mother who gave birth to a child. Kang So Ra‘s thorough self-management, which continued even after childbirth, stands out.

Earlier, in the sixth month of childbirth, a photo of Pilates was released, calling it a “morning routine“, and it drew attention as she showed a bit of her abs.

Kang So Ra married an oriental medical doctor who was eight years older than her in 2020. Since then, she has held her first daughter in her arms in April last year.

Currently, it is known that she has been proposed to appear in the original wave series “Can I Be Other People?” and is considering it as her return work.



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