Han So Hee’s True Personality Was Revealed After Her Cute Interaction With A Fan In A Restaurant

Actress Han So Hee expressed her extraordinary affection for fans she met by chance.

On March 2nd, the story of a fan who met Han So Hee at a restaurant was revealed on Twitter and various online communities.

A, who is usually a fan of Han So Hee, said, “I met Sohee unnie at a restaurant today. I don’t think it’s polite to talk to her during a meal, so while she was eating I wrote a letter. There was no paper, so I pressed my fan’s heart down on a tissue and wrote it down“.

The fan then said, “I approached her carefully and sent her a letter, but she said thank you without being annoyed at all. Her expression was so warm, I had the courage to even get an autograph“, adding, “Unnie found the paper for a long time because she didn’t have it. She even asked the restaurant staff“.

Then the fan explained, “I could just let it go because she found the paper for a really long time. She then asked for my name and she was really kind“.

As proof of this, on the same day (March 2nd), a photo of a letter presumed to have been written by A was uploaded to Han So Hee‘s Instagram. In the photo, A drew attention with a piece of tissue paper that said she was looking forward to Han So Hee‘s activities and cheered her on.



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