Netflix’s Son Song Kang Will Hold A Global Fan Meeting Event

Actor Song Kang, who is called the ‘Son of Netflix‘, will hold a global fan meeting.

Song Kang, who is proving the popularity of a global rising star by meeting with fans around the world with the Netflix series ‘Love Alarm Seasons 1 and 2′, ‘Sweet Home‘ and the dramas ‘Navillera’ and ‘I Know’, is the first Korean actor to be selected as the star of the event and will predict real-time communication with fans around the world.

Song Kang, who has already met viewers through Netflix, is being called the ‘son of Netflix’. Returning to the role of the main character ‘Lee Si Woo‘ in the JTBC Saturday and Sunday drama ‘Forecasting Love and Weather’, which aired for the first time last week, he succeeded in transforming his acting 180 degrees different from his original appearance. It once announced the potential of the K-Romance trend. Even though only 1 or 2 episodes have been released yet, the interest in Song Kang is pouring into the top 10 on Netflix in 10 countries, and its popularity is being realized not only in Korea but also abroad.

For this reason, the anticipation for this online global fan meeting is also high, as he is known as the self-approved ‘son of Netflix‘, starting with ‘Love Alarm‘ and all filmography with Netflix. This event, which will be streamed in real-time on ‘THE SWOON’, a Korean content YouTube channel on March 4, will be filled with various contents such as global fans’ prior questions, comments, and simple quizzes. It runs for about an hour and is also streamed with English subtitles, so the appearance of Song Kang, who will communicate in real-time with various fans around the world, is also a point to watch.

At this online global fan meeting, which is the first solo fan meeting in his life, there is a lot of interest in how the unique charm and vivid communication that Song Kang will show.

On the other hand, Netflix’s first K-star fan event with Song Kang will be streamed in real-time on the YouTube ‘THE SWOON’ channel on March 4 at 8 pm Korean time, and later in Chinese, Indonesian, Japanese, Thai, Portuguese, Spanish and Vietnamese. will be translated and uploaded.


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