Park Min Young And Song Kang Shared Their Dedications To Own Their Characters Of ‘Forecasting Love and Weather’, “I memorized the lines until the pages were torn”

A JTAK interview video of Park Min Young and Song Kang of ‘Forecasting Love and Weather‘ has been released. Park Min Young is said to be a workaholic while Song Kang has a bizarre and quirky appearance, which is revealed.

First of all, they describe ‘Forecasting Love and Weather‘ as a drama that expresses the story of people who work hard at the Meteorological Agency in a fun way, saying, “Not only the weather but also people’s emotions can change at any time, just like the weather.” 

Among them, Park Min Young takes on the role of Ha Kyung, the second-team supervisor, who is ‘cool, rational, and principled in everything’, and Song Kang is Lee Si Woo, who is in charge of the special report.

Park Min Young and Song Kang chose character growth as a common keyword, Ha Kyung is a workaholic to the extent of becoming the youngest manager since the establishment of the Korea Meteorological Administration. Her only priority in life is work, and love always comes after. 

Park Min Young, who had the insight that ‘isn’t it this big after all,’ pointed out, “Jin Ha Kyung looks perfect, grows with the help of others, including Si Woo.”

 Song Kang described Lee Si Woo as a “bright and pure child,” also added to the curiosity by saying, “It’s not that clear. He has other internal conflicts or anxieties inside, but he said that he would grow through a series of processes.” 

The two shared their opinions and explained, “It’s a growing drama where everyone changes little by little.”

Meanwhile, Park Min Young said, “I am anxious when I am not working and I am happy when I am working,”. It looks like she is also a workaholic like Ha Kyung.

 Song Kang also nodded his head, saying, “I’m very serious when I work,” about the professionalism of Park Min Young and Jin Ha. 

Then, Park Min Young said, “I like to play, but Ha Kyung doesn’t play,” making her laugh. 

Song Kang said, “It’s similar to being clear, to being capricious, to being absurd.”

Park Min Young, who sympathized with this, said, “When I first read it, I only had lines, but I was like Si Woo.

However, it was difficult to show such realistic acting. As it was the first drama based on the Korea Meteorological Administration, reference materials were lacking, and the lines were not sticking to my lips because of the first meteorological term I heard in my life. 

Park Min Young, who is quick to adapt when she has time, also expressed her grievances, saying, “It took me 6 months to do it naturally.” 

“I memorized the lines until the pages were torn,” said Song Kang, behind the scenes. It was a passage that could be guessed that there was a behind-the-scenes effort to completely make his character his own.

Finally, we did not forget the observation point of the ‘Meteorological Agency people’. Park Min Young, who explained the colorful charms of the drama, said, “It looks like a clear and sunny sky, but there is a saucer in the middle and a tear point. The love line will also be a little more interesting.” 

Song Kang, said, “I think a very attractive drama was born, It also reminded me once again that it would be good to see how he grows.“.


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