Oh Young Soo From ‘Squid Game’ Confessed The Status of His Health, ”A year ago, I suffered from…”

Actor Oh Young Soo, who appeared as an old-fashioned grandfather in the Netflix original ‘Squid Game’, revealed his pitiful past.

Rolling Stone Korea released a video interview and pictorial with Oh Young Soo on its official website on February 8.

In an interview with this media, Oh Young Soo was asked if he had a slump or crisis during his long acting career, saying, “I think it was a time when I had a health problem rather than a slump.”

‘A year ago, I suffered from acute pneumonia. I try to stay healthy by exercising every morning.”, he added.

Then, to the question of whether he would choose this path again if he went back to before becoming an actor, he said, “If I go back, I will do the same. A person with only passion. Passion and texts must go together in life. At that time, texts were not enough. It’s a time when only passion is boiling, so even if I talk about it now, I will do it the way I am.”

In addition, Oh Young Soo gave honest answers to various questions such as the most memorable line in ‘Squid Game‘, advice to give to 34-year-old Oh Young Soo who was playing ‘Faust‘, which he chose as the role he would like to play again, and the driving force for acting for a long time. It caught my attention.

Oh Young Soo‘s pictorial and interview can be found on the Rolling Stone website.


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