Actor Park Ji Hoo From ‘All Of Us Are Dead’ Expressed Her Feelings About Becoming A Freshman At Hanyang University

Park Ji Hoo joined an online video interview with Wikitree on February 8 and shared various stories about the Netflix original ‘All Of Us Are Dead’.

Prior to the interview, on February 6, the online community ‘Everytime’ posted on the bulletin board of Hanyang University, where Park Ji Hoo‘s certificate was displayed and received a lot of attention.

Park Ji Hoo, who became a freshman in the 22nd class of Hanyang University’s Theater and Film department this year, said in the post, “My best Hanyang University seniors and classmates have seen and loved ‘All Of Us Are Dead’ a lot, so I wanted to write this because my heart was full.

” I was so happy and excited that I was accepted. I will work hard to live up to the name of Hanyang University.”, she continued

At the same time, Park Ji Hoo posted some of her resident registration cards and a photo of a nameplate appearing in All Of Us Are Dead and added, “I’m uploading it for verification because I’m afraid it might be called fake Onjo.”

Park Ji Hoo, who burst into a smile when the eta episode came out, confessed, “I was very envious of my sister entering university and talking about eta.” 

Park Ji Hoo, who had a desire to communicate with the university community through her older sister, got certified as a freshman as soon as she passed Hanyang University and looked at the bulletin board every day.

Then one day, she found a popular article titled ‘Onjo, She knew that everyone is watching, and she confirmed that there are many people who support her.

This article was an opportunity for Park Ji Hoo to post an active verification post. 

“I was grateful and wanted to promote ‘All Of Us Are Dead’. I also wanted to show my feelings for Hanyang University, so I wrote this post.”, she said.

“I have high expectations and excitement for college life. I’m a theater and film major, but I want to put up a play by participating not only in acting, but by the staff as well, and I want to meet many friends.”, she continued.


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