Sandara Park Reveals Her Secret In Achieving Her Ideal Weight, ‘I only eat…’

Sandara Park, a former member of group 2NE1, revealed her weight.

Sandara Park posted several photos on her Instagram on February 8.

One of the published photos contains a scale she took herself.

Sandara Park, who weighs 41.3 kg, said, “The dignity of 41 kg. For the past 1-2 weeks, I unintentionally ate only bananas on the cocoon diet due to annoyance and decreased appetite and quickly climbed to 41 kg. I can’t.

“If I eat late-night food again, I’ll gain weight quickly. I’m going to enjoy this weight for a bit.”, she added.

Previously, Sandara Park recently appeared on MBC’s ‘I Live Alone’ and revealed her weight, saying, “I gained 7 kg. I became a big eater.”

At the time, she said frankly, “I maintained 38 kg my whole life, but now I am 45 kg.”

Cocoon (Code Kunst) also drew attention when she appeared on ‘I Live Alone a while ago and revealed the appearance of eating only bananas and sweet potatoes.


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