Song Jia Reveals That Kang Ye Won Keep Texting Her Everyday Despite What Happened Says “I think she’s worried”

Free Zia, who is self-reliant due to the counterfeit (counterfeit) controversy, drew attention by mentioning actress Kang Ye Won, the representative of her agency, during an interview.

Dispatch reported on the interview with Free Zia on January 29th. When the dispatch asked, “Why did you do that?“, Free Zia cried, “I had no idea. It’s all my fault.”

She recalled the year 2019 when she first started working as a YouTuber and mentioned actress Kang Ye Won. Kang Ye Won is the co-representative of Hyowon CNC, the agency of Free Zia. Free Zia signed an exclusive contract with Hyowon CNC in August 2018 and started her career as a beauty influencer.

Free Zia said, “I have a promise with Yewon unnie. No matter what happens, I decided to upload 2 episodes a week. At first there was no response, but I uploaded it steadily. It took me about 7 months to gather 10,000 subscribers.

After rising to stardom by appearing in Netflix‘s “Single’s Inferno”, she was at the center of controversy over wearing fakes. In the end, after uploading an apology video, she stopped promoting.

The controversy over wearing fakes has spread to allegations related to Free Zia family. In the video of her apology, Free Zia asked, “I live my life reflecting every day. It’s my fault, so I hope you stop criticizing my family.” 

Free Zia said to Dispatch, “I have time to look after myself. Kang Ye Won unnie texts me ‘I love you’ every day. I think she’s worried. It even touches my family… I think I’ll have to endure it well and get through it well“, revealing her current relationship with Kang Ye Won.

Previously, Kang Ye Won and Free Zia appeared on various entertainment programs such as JTBC‘s ‘Knowing Bros‘ and MBC‘s ‘Omniscient Interfering View‘ and showed off their close relationship.

However, immediately after the counterfeit controversy, she showed a figure of drawing a line by erasing all the photos and videos of Free Zia uploaded on social media. When asked about the Free Zia controversy, Kang Ye Won‘s agency, J-Wide Company, declined to comment, saying, “We have nothing to say because it is Kang Ye Won’s personal business area.”



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