Park Shin Hye’s Acquaintance Accidentally Revealed Her Baby’s Gender

Actress Park Shin Hye‘s daily life before marriage was reported.

On January 28th, actor Um Ji Won‘s YouTube channel “Um Tube” was released. In Um Ji Won‘s film, a Vlog video was posted in January.

In the video, a scene was released where she met Park Shin Hye, who married actor Choi Tae Joon not long ago, and received a wedding invitation. Um Ji Won, who met Park Shin Hye at a private Chinese restaurant, received a wedding invitation and exclaimed, “Did you really take a good picture of Shilling?

Um Ji Won also prepared a small event to celebrate Park Shin Hye‘s marriage and pregnancy with her acquaintance. Park Shin Hye posed with a balloon with the affectionate words “Shin Hye Bless u.”

At this time, the balloon held by an acquaintance had the words ‘Hello Baby Boy‘ written on it, leading to speculation that Park Shin Hye was pregnant with a baby boy.

Park Shin Hye and Choi Tae Joon got married on January 22nd at a church in Seoul after dating for about five years.



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