Majority Of Song Jia’s Controversial Items Turned Out To Be Genuine According To Dispatch

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The results of evaluation of luxury items in the collection of YouTuber Song Jia (Free Zia), who apologized for wearing fakes and declared a halt to activities, were released.

On January 29th, Dispatch conducted an interview with Song Jia and revealed the results of the appraisal of some of her controversial collections. Some of the controversial items turned out to be genuine.

As a result, the Korea Luxury Appraisal Institute determined that 8 of the 20 controversial items were fakes.

Image By Dispatch

According to the results of the appraisal by the Korea Luxury Appraisal Institute, among the products that appeared on YouTube and Instagram and caused controversy over fake products, the Chanel classic flap bag silver paste medium, Louis Vuitton sneakers that she received as a gift from her father, and the Rolex Lady-Date that she bought at a department store were judged as genuine products.

Chanel wool scarves, Chanel 19 bags and Chanel red boy bags, Chanel Gabrielle hobo bags and beanies, and Louis Vuitton accessories also appeared as genuine. Along with the results of the appraisal, Song Jia also revealed the receipts of bags, watches and hats.

In the end, some products were found fakes. The Chanel pink knitwear, Dior tube top, and mariner dress that appeared in “Single’s Inferno” were judged to be fakes. The same goes for the Van Cleef & Arpels earrings necklace and the Lady Dior bag medium pink that appeared in the Dior perfume content.

Image By Dispatch
Image By Dispatch
Image By Dispatch

On the other hand, Song Jia said, “I did not have a concept. It is all my fault. When I misunderstood it as a luxury product, I should have corrected it immediately, but I didn’t think too much about it saying, “It’s okay if I look pretty.” It was my mistake. I don’t want to make any excuses.”

Previously, it was revealed that some of the luxury brand products presented on “Single’s Inferno” and SNS, etc. were fakes in Free Zia, which sparked controversy.

As the controversy continued to intensify, Free Zia admitted her mistake by posting a handwritten apology on her Instagram.

However, after the criticism from netizens continued, Free Zia posted an apology video on the YouTube channel ‘Free Zia‘ on January 25th and announced the suspension of activities.

She took down all but the apology video on YouTube, and deleted all except the post that posted an apology on social media.

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