“The Red Sleeve” Actress Lee Se Young Exudes Her Exceptionally Charming Visuals As She Poses For Vogue Korea

Actress Lee Se Young released a pictorial full of alluring charm and freshness.

Lee Se Young recently conducted a photoshoot and interview with fashion magazine Vogue Korea.

In this shoot with the theme of ‘Clever & Clover‘, Lee Se Young exuded vivid charm with intense red lip and denim fashion. It is in contrast to the simple charm that was shown in the recently finished MBC drama ‘The Red Sleeve‘ as Seong Deok Im, and it attracts attention.

Lee Se Young also filmed with various objects such as watermelon and balls, and filled the pictorial with freshness.

In an interview with the photoshoot, Lee Se Young said, “No matter how good the characters are, it’s meaningless without viewers.”

When asked about the driving force behind her acting career, she answered, “I like my job. I want to do it better, and I think of my fans. I don’t have many fans, but I treat them like family. It’s like ‘We know all the hardships we’ve been through’. Having fans gives me strength as well as a sense of responsibility to do better.”

She also expressed her sincerity and affection for acting, “Acting seems to break the quest. A quest that does not end when you go up somewhere, but carries out missions one by one. The saying ‘Failure is the father of success’ really hits me hard. Working itself is good, and I want to do it well.”



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