Free Zia From “Single’s Inferno” Will Be Edited Out In MBC’s “Omniscient Interfering View” Due To Her Ongoing Controversy

In the end, Song Ji Ah, a cast member of Netflix‘s “Single’s Inferno”, was caught up in the controversy over wearing fake luxury goods, and her appearance in ‘At War‘ was canceled.

On the 20th, MBC‘s “Omniscient Interfering View” made an official statement, saying, “We have decided not to broadcast the filming of Song Ji Ah after mutual consultation with the cast.” They added, “The broadcast on January 29th will proceed normally with other performers.”

Song Ji Ah is a topical figure who appeared in the Korean entertainment show “Single’s Inferno“, which climbed to the TOP 10 in the global ranking of Netflix. After appearing in “Single’s Inferno”, her popularity has expanded as she has surpassed 1.88 million YouTube subscribers and 3.3 million Instagram followers, mass-producing global fans.

As a result, Kang Ye Won, who was with Song Ji Ah‘s agency, was scheduled to appear in “Omniscient Interfering View” as a manager, but it was edited out due to this controversy.

On the other hand, on January 16th, on the YouTube channel ‘Taldeok Prison Camp‘, a video titled ‘Free Zia, I want to launch a brand, but I want to use luxury goods‘ was posted. In the video, the necklace and clothing that Free Zia was wearing were analyzed in detail and claimed that it was not genuine. In particular, they emphasized that Free Zia is a businessman who wants to launch her own brand, and pointed out the lack of a concept of brand intellectual value.

On January 17th, Free Zia admitted the suspicion of fake products and apologized through her Instagram. “There is a controversy about some of the clothes I wore on SNS and in “Single’s Inferno“. The controversy about fake products you pointed out is partly true. I’m really sorry. As a person with a dream of launching a brand, I will seriously recognize and reflect on the controversial points.”

The agency also apologized on January 19th, saying, “It is the company’s responsibility to check the styling of the creator’s broadcast appearance, but I didn’t check it properly because I thought respecting Jia’s own styling would be more intimately communicating with the subscribers.”



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