Kim Hyun Joong From “Single’s Inferno” Explain The Main Reason Why He Unfollowed Free Zia

Kim Hyun Joong, who appeared in Netflix‘s dating reality show “Single’s Inferno”, mentioned in an interview that Song Ji Ah, who was the final couple, is attracting attention. 

Maeil Business Newspaper Star Today exclusively reported on the phone interview with Kim Hyun Joong on January 19th. The media asked Kim Hyun Joong about the content of the post titled ‘Kim Hyun Joong who unfollowed Free Zia‘s Instagram’, which has recently been controversial in online communities.

According to the media, Kim Hyun Joong said, “We remain good friends, and we kept in touch during the broadcast and got along well. There is no reason to cut off?” Drawing a line in the controversy. He explained, “For various reasons, such as broadcasting regulations, I am not in a situation where I can talk in detail about my personal story with Jia, but I want to tell you that I have no bad feelings at all.” 

Kim Hyun Joong said, “I didn’t want many stories to come out because the interest was so concentrated and Jia wasn’t even following (me).” He explained the real reason for unfollowing. It is said that he had no idea that there was such a controversy online. 

He said, “I couldn’t get in touch with her anymore because of the reports,” he said. Even at this moment I’m talking, I’m cautious and difficult, but what I can tell you is that Jia, who I’ve been through, was a good friend, bright and really hard-living friend”

Previously, in “Single’s Inferno”, which was released on January 18th of last month, Kim Hyun Joong and Song Ji Ah became the final couple. About a month after this broadcast was released, Song Jia was embroiled in controversy over wearing fake luxury goods. On January 17th, right after the controversy, an article called ‘Kim Hyun Joong unfollowed Free Zia‘s Instagram’ was posted on the online community TheQoo. The community post contained the content that Kim Hyun Joong was the only member of “Single’s Inferno” to unfollow Song Ji Ah.



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