8 Actors Who Looked Absolutely Handsome In Traditional Outfits In 2021

This year we had some of our favorite K-Drama actors tackling the historical genre. For many reasons, historical dramas are one of the favorite genres for K-Drama lovers, the storylines, the scenes, and the historical references are some of the reasons why. But one key reason why many K-Drama lovers often tune in for this genre is the outfits, having a chance to see some of their favorite stars looking extremely charming in their traditional outfits.

Here are some of the actors who looked absolutely handsome in traditional outfits in 2021.

2PM’s Ok Taec Yeon  – “Secret Royal Inspector Joy”

Fans were beaming with joy when it was released earlier this year that Ok Taec Yeon following the massive success of “Vincenzo” has been cast in the historical drama “Secret Royal Inspector Joy” as they hoped to see him once again looking royal like in traditional outfits and the actor did not disappoint.

Ok Taec Yeon looked extra dashing and elegant in his role Ra Yi Eon making not just the heart of Kim Joy (played by Kim HyeYoon) beat faster but also viewers as we wished we were starring alongside him.

On November 3, the production presentation of tvN‘s Monday-Tuesday drama ‘ Secret Royal Inspector Joy ‘, Taec Yeon shared his thoughts about his first historical-comedy drama.

He shared, “I felt pressured (since it’s my first comedy-history drama).” He added, “I was nervous since this was my first historical drama. It is also a comedy-drama so it was fun filming but I was also curious how that would reflect for the viewers so I was nervous when I went into the first filming.”

2PM’s Jun Ho – “The Red Sleeve”

Jun Ho looked like the prince charming of our dreams in his role as the crown prince Yi San in “The Red Sleeve”.

He looks beyond captivating and dashing in Hanbok causing viewers to swoon in admiration in every scene he appears in.

Every color and style seems to fit him perfectly as he exudes an effortless charm and presence that brings his characters to life.

Jun Ho shared his thoughts about playing a respected historical figure, he said, “He’s a real historical figure and someone who considered beloved, so I felt the pressure, but I wanted to portray him in my own color. Since I live by myself, I went home and stayed in character as if I really was the king. I tried to change things like how I held my chopsticks. I worked on everything including little details like that.”

Nam Yoon Soo – “The King’s Affection”

The actor looked endearing and fascinating in hanbok.

Known for his model-like features and striking visuals, in these outfits, his looks and appeal were even more amplified and added to the reason why fans couldn’t stop gushing about how attractive he looked in Hanbok. 

Nam Yoon So spoke on his experience acting in a historical drama for the first time, saying, “At first, I had no idea how to deliver my lines and I felt at a loss. I tried to act with the mindset of, ‘doing it my own way,’ but I don’t think I was able to do that in the beginning. “

He added, “In the latter half of the drama, my time on set increased and I think I suddenly adjusted to the role then. I grew comfortable to the point that I could immediately film any scene needed.”

SF9’s Ro Woon – “The King’s Affection”

Ro Woon‘s ability to make every outfit he wears looks like a cut out of a fashion magazine is quite remarkable.

Playing his character to a tee, he looked adorable and charismatic in Hanbok. 

Rowoon has talk about his character in The King’s Affection. He said, “I had a wonderful time playing Ji Woon in this series. I hope he will find his happiness with Dami and let go of all his burdens. I hope the drama leaves a lasting impression on viewers.”

Ahn Hyo Seop – “Lovers Of The Red Sky”

The actor left fans and viewers in awe of his striking visuals and physique as he dawned on these traditional outfits.

His character’s captivating eyes might be the unique point of his looks but his charm and aura exuded in these outfits added to his allure.

Regarding his role, Ha Rim, Ahn Hyo Seop stressed that he tried to show how he’s a person who overcomes misfortunes on his own rather than kneeling and sinking helplessly.

On the other hand, the actor commented that “trying to learn” is what he strives to hold onto while acting. He also added that it’s important not to lose his thirst for learning even when the moment comes when he thinks he knows everything at an older age. From his answers, we can tell how serious he is about his craving for knowledge and acting.

Yoo Seung Ho – “Moonshine”

A couple of episodes in and viewers cannot stop gleaming with happiness and excitement over the actor in Hanbok.

He looks extremely charming and dashing and aside from the already entertaining plot of the drama, we cannot wait to see more episodes of him in these outfits.

Yoo Seung Ho introduced “Moonshine” by saying, “It’s a drama about prohibition and four people. It’s easy to watch, but I think it’ll be even more fun if you watch it while searching for the hidden message that the drama wants to convey.”

The actor went on to remark, “It’s my first historical drama in a long time, since ‘Ruler: Master of the Mask.’ I’ve done a lot of historical dramas, but it was still as nerve-racking as always.”

However, he added, “Thanks to Lee Hyeri, the filming set was a lot of fun.”

Gong Myung – “Lovers Of the Red Sky”

He might have been the second lead in the drama but in these outfits, he made his way to number one in the hearts of many K-Drama fans.

The prince that everyone cheered for, his noble-like presence and charm his character is quite similar to the personality of the actor which added to the appeal and interest of many viewers.

Na In Woo – “River Where The Moon Rises” 

With a smile that warmth the heart of Pyeong Gang (played by Kim So Hyun) and a presence that ensured a feeling of security, safety, and peacefulness.

Na In Woo fully embraced his character On Dal and looked extra dashing while doing so.

On his casting for “River Where the Moon Rises,” Na In Woo revealed that he had received a call to go to the agency at night after filming for “Her bucket List.” He elaborated, “After going in, I talked with the CEO for about an hour, and as an actor, I also felt sorry that a project was in danger of being scrapped.” The next day, I met with director Yoon Sang Ho of ‘River Where the Moon Rises.’ I did the recording for my voice, the fitting for my outfit at night, and the next day, I immediately went into filming.”

Which of these actors looked the best in Hanbok this year?



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