Go Hyun Jung Gains Attention for Destroying Her Personal Hermès Bag Worth ~$15K USD Worth in ‘Reflection Of You’

Go Hyun Jung drew attention with a scene of her slamming a red bag on the floor in JTBC’s Reflection Of You. People were shocked to find out that it was a Hermès Kelly bag that got smashed on the floor.

In an interview with Sports Chosun on December 25th, Han Hye Yeon, a stylist in charge of Go Hyun Jung‘s styling in this drama, shared what it was like to work with the drama team of Reflection of You.

She said, “We prepared her outfit according to the script, which read ‘a luxurious woman who wandered into the wrong neighborhood.’ The bag for the scene was our concern.” She added that it was Hyun Jung’s idea to bring her bag to the set to use it for filming and that the bag she brought was Hermès, specifically from their ‘Kelly’ collection.

Many were shocked to find out that Go Hyun Jung‘s bag is a product of the high-end brand ‘Hermes’, a part of their ‘Kelly bag‘ collection. The bag is reported to be part of a limited-edition collection that even VIP customers have to be put on a waiting list for two to three years to make an order.

As the customers have to either wait or accumulate a certain amount of purchasing credit with the store to buy the bag, the resale price is currently $8,420 greater than its original price due to its high demand.

Han Hye Yeon recalled, “I flinched every time she slammed the bag on the floor.”



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