Actress Go Ah Seong Returns To MBC Drama After 5 Years With “Tracer”

Actress Go Ah Seong transforms into Seo Hye Young, who bravely breaks through the cowardly world.

According to MBC’s first Friday-Saturday drama ‘Tracer‘ on December 24 (play by Kim Hyun Jung, director Lee Seung Young, production Westworld Story), Go Ah Seong will return to the MBC small screen after 5 years, and it is expected to revitalize the play with a charming character.

Wave’s original ‘Tracer‘ is an exhilarating chase action drama depicting the unstoppable activity of a venomous guy who rolls into the 5 tax bureaus called the ‘garbage dump‘, a place that is scarier than a judge for some people.

Go Ah Seong takes on the role of Seo Hye Yeong, who is an investigator of the 5th Bureau of Taxation in the drama. Seo Hye Young is a character with extraordinary action power to break through anything head-on, and is a character who leads the team more actively than anyone else based on her excellent intuition and research power. In particular, it is expected that she will show an exhilarating and exhilarating performance in collaboration with Im Si Wan, who portrays the role of team leader ‘Hwang Dong Ju’.

The released stills and posters showcase Go Ah Seong‘s steadfast and confident energy. Her colorful acting skills, which can express her unique strong and cheerful charm, as well as the deep inside of the character, are making people look forward to the premiere. Attention is focused on how Go Ah Seong will play the three-dimensional character who is not frustrated in front of the wall of reality with her own color.

The production team of ‘Tracer‘ said, “Go Ah Seong becomes the character of Seo Hye-young and not only shows realistic acting, but also gives great vitality to the play. “

Meanwhile, ‘Tracer‘ will premiere on January 7, 2022.


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