Yeo Jin Goo and Moon Ga Young Confirmed To Star In New Fantasy Drama ‘Link: Eat, Love, Die’

Yeo Jin Goo and Moon Ga Young will meet viewers with the new tvN drama ‘Link: Eat, Love, Die’ in the first half of 2022.

On December 16, it was confirmed that Yeo Jin Goo and Moon Ga Young will be starring in the upcoming drama “Link: Eat, Love, Die”

tvN‘s new drama ‘Link: Eat, Love, Die‘ is a fantasy and human mystery melodrama, where a man suddenly finds himself sharing a woman’s emotions and feels all her joy, sadness, and pain.

Yeo Jin Goo plays Eun Gye Hoon, a chef who sets up a restaurant in a shabby town where his twin sister went missing twenty years ago. He used to be a successful sous chef at a popular restaurant with Michelin stars, who catches customers’ eyes with his hot looks and performance.

Moon Ga Young plays Noh Da Hyun, a woman who is unlucky in all aspects of her life. After she meets Eun Gye Hoon, the man who lives across from her, she learns that he has been sharing all of her emotions up until now without her awareness or permission—and that the two are linked by a fate of which she had been completely unaware.

Link: Eat, Love, Die” is written by Kwon Ki Young who showed a solid screenplay that goes back and forth between romance and mystery, such as ‘Suspicious Partner‘ , ‘All About My Love‘ and more. It will be directed by Hong Jong Chan, who has worked on dramas including ‘Dear My Friends‘ and ‘Life

The drama is scheduled to premiere in the first half of 2022.



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