Kang Dong Won Shared His Recent Status In A Carpentry Vlog Says His Worrying Fans Might Forget Him

Actor Kang Dong Won, who graduated from the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Hanyang University, captured the hearts of women by showing off his charm as an “engineering” graduate.

On December 15th, Kang Dong Won conducted a live broadcast through the Youtube Channel “Monotube” and disclosed his current situation to fans.

After revealing his welding skills earlier this month, Kang Dong Won aroused interest by showing the process of woodworking.

While making a table, he explained, “Last time, I welded the table legs. I’m here today to make the tabletop and the middle part from wood. I will explain what I have done now after looking at the drawings. I will make a wood tabletop that could fit in the middle of the table legs I made last time and could hold the table swing.”

Kang Dong Won personally showed his watch on the camera to prove that he was doing a live broadcast since some fans might be curious if it was pre-recorded.

He mentioned several comments, saying “I saw comments posted by fans after the last live broadcast. I kept looking at it because it was so funny. There were so many funny comments.”

Kang Dong Won burst into laughter and said, “‘I like welding’, something like that. There were comments like ‘I want to get scaling done by welding’ or ‘this is the most interesting video I have seen this year’. I’m so thankful for that.”

When asked about his current situation, Kang Dong Won revealed that he was filming his next project.

He also made fans cheer when he said that they would be able to meet in 2022.

The actor said, “The movie ‘Broker’, which was filmed this spring, will also be premiered next year. The released date has not been announced yet. I think the movie I’m filming now will also be aired in the second half of next year. There will be so much fun. I’m working hard on it, so please look forward to my performance.”

Kang Dong Won has not shown his face in Korean film projects ever since his last zombie movie ‘Peninsula‘, which was released in July 2020.

Because of that, he confessed, “I’m worried that Korean audiences might feel disappointed about me or forget me if I don’t film more Korean movies.”

Therefore, Kang Dong Won seems to have decided to reveal his unique hobby to fans through live broadcasts from time to time as if he were tired of the break of more than one year and a half.



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