Hyun Bin Exudes A Lazy Sexy Charm In His Latest Released Photos

Actor Hyun Bin showed off his sexy charm.

On December 10th, Hyun Bin‘s agency, VAST Entertainment‘s official Instagram, said, “Do you know why I like Hyun Bin actor? There is a great secret hidden here.”

In the post released on this day, Hyun Bin, who exudes ‘lazy sexy beauty‘, was put in. Hyun Bin catches the eye by putting the collar of the shirt inside and revealing from the trapezius muscles to the collarbone and chest bone.

In the picture that follows, he is wearing comfortable homewear on a set with a bathroom atmosphere and smiling softly, creating a warm feeling.

Hyun Bin confirmed his appearance in ‘Harbin‘ following the movies ‘Negotiation‘ and ‘Cooperation 2: International‘ (hereafter ‘Cooperation 2’), foretelling a hard work. He is currently in a public relationship with Son Ye Jin.



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