Will “The Red Sleeve” Character “Seong Deok Im” Have The Same Fate With “Seong Eui Bin” In History?

According to history records, Seong Eui Bin died during her third pregnancy. Will this fate happen to the character Seong Deok Im in “The Red Sleeve”?

Like the 2007 drama “Lee San, Wind of the Palace”, MBC’s currently aired drama ‘The Red Sleeve‘ also drew attention for portraying King Jeong Jo. Among the female lead roles, Sung Deok-im played by Lee Se-young is said to have an image like Chief Hong in “Hometown Cha Cha Cha“, who will surely appear when someone needs help. In “The Red Sleeve“, Seong Deok Im always shows up and helps solve the problems whenever the Crown Prince, later King Jeong Jo, played by Lee Jun Ho faces crises.

However, according to historical records, she gave birth to the young Prince Mun Hyo and a princess then died being pregnant with her third child.

The birth of a king’s child in the dynasty era is like the birth of a presidential runner in modern times. In ancient times, the birth of a prince was an important event that could help a royal family maintain their power. King Jeong Jo became king in 1776 when he was 24 years old. He got his first – a prince 6 years later. The prince was Seong Eui Bin (Seong Deok Im) ‘s son and was later called Prince Mun Hyo. At that time, Prince Mun Hyo was expected to become the next king after living as a Crown Prince. 2 years later, Sung Eui Bin gave birth to a daughter. Unfortunately, Prince Mun Hyo passed away at the age of 4, two years after the birth of the princess.

Prince Mun Hyo passed away in a situation where there was only one prince, so the impact on people at that time was bound to be great. In this situation, after Prince Mun Hyo’s death, the whole country was looking forward to the third pregnancy of Sung Eui Bin.

As the royal family descendants were really precious, Seong Eui Bin was pregnant for the third time. In fact, Sung Eui Bin was loved by the royal family for giving birth to new lives. It was not just because she always appeared to help King Jeong Jo whenever he was in crisis, but because he was pregnant with princes and princesses 3 times.

However, Sung Eui Bin’s life ended during her pregnancy with the third child. Four years after conceiving Prince Mun Hyo and becoming King Jeong Jo’s concubine, her life ended like that.



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