Ryu Jun Yeol Is GQ Korea’s ‘2021 Man Of The Year’.

GQ Korea selected Ryu Jun Yeol as the ‘2021 Man of the Year’.

Ryu Jun Yeol drew attention because the pictorial shows his unique mood. The jeans and jackets were perfectly fit, and through jackets and mustangs that took advantage of the seasons, they showed a unique visual with a luxurious yet stylish look.

In an interview conducted after the pictorial, Ryu Jun Yeol said,

“The genre movie is thoroughly calculated and there are points where it has to be shown in a scene like this. . I got along well with Director Heo Jin-ho, and Jeon Do-yeon also acted without hesitation depending on the situation, so I was able to follow my emotions that way.” . Thinking in this direction, I think I became a little freer.”

In the recently ended JTBC drama ‘Disqualification of Humanity’, Ryu Jun Yeol portrayed the role of ‘Kangjae’, a young man who lives a bit out of the way with other people, but still worries about and longs for happiness. It was praised for adding immersion to the play by conveying the sincerity with a delicate hot performance that penetrates the hearts of the viewers.

Meanwhile, Ryu Jun Yeol‘s pictorial and interview can be found in the December issue of GQ KOREA.


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