Jung Ryeo Won And Lee Kyu Hyung Were The Main Casts For The Upcoming Drama ‘Start Defense’

Actors Jung Ryeo Won and Lee Kyu Hyung are the main casts of the new drama ‘ Start Defense’.

‘ Start Defense’ is a legal mystery drama that takes place as two lawyers become entangled in a case of serial murder. Jung Ryeo Won plays the role of Noh Chak-hee. is a lawyer who was relegated to the public election from the famous law firm ACE, which has the highest win rate. As if ‘No’ in the name given to ‘live kindly’, he kept his distance from being good and lived fiercely without any fuss in order to win. Then, he was mistakenly entangled in a case he took over before being promoted to a partner, and his qualifications were almost suspended for one year, but instead, he became exclusively responsible for public defending. Her goal is to become an icon in the public sector by taking on a case of a major player, and to make a comeback to a law firm as soon as possible. Jung Ryeo Won will finally return in the small screen after two years.

While, Lee Kyu Hyung , who has shone his presence across good and evil, takes on the role of Jwa Si-baek, a public defender called ‘Torai’. A person who is not likely to get a drop of blood even if he stabs the strong, but can give his own blood to the weak. Maybe that’s why, after graduating from the Judicial Research and Training Institute as a senior, he was able to choose any of the judges, prosecutors, and top 3 law firms, but he rejected all offers and offered free arguments. However, there is something so mysterious that even the secretary who has worked with him for a long time does not know about his private life.

The production team said,

“The casting of Jung Ryeo Won and Lee Kyu Hyung has earned me a thousand mama. I am already looking forward to the passionate acting competition between the two actors. ‘Start Defense’ will be completed as a well-made mystery with a high degree of perfection and presented to the viewers.” Filming will start in January 2022, and OTT platform formation is in discussion in the second half of the year.


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