ADELE To Appear on MBC’s ‘Show! Music Core’

English singer-songwriter ADELE will appear on MBC.

On November 12th, MBC announced Adele‘s broadcast appearance through its official Twitter account.

MBC posted a picture of Adele with the phrase “MBC X #ADELE 2021.11. COMING SOON”. According to music industry officials, Adele will be making her appearance on the music show on November 27 and will be singing her new single, “Easy on Me.”

This special episode will be broadcast on Saturday at 3:15 PM KST.

Netizens were also surprised by the unexpected collaboration between the famous pop star and the music show. Netizens commented, “What is this? I can’t believe it even after seeing it with my own eyes”, “Is it true that I saw it correctly?”, “It’s as crazy as when Ryan Reynolds appeared in King of Mask Singer”, “It’s the most shocking news. I’ve heard in 2021. MBC How do you cast Adele?”, “Life and life, this kind of thing…” and so on.

Meanwhile, Adele released a new single ‘Easy On Me‘ on November 15th. Immediately after her comeback, it boasted explosive popularity, recording more than 60 million YouTube views in two days. The 4th album ’30’, is her new full-length album to be released after 6 years, and will be released simultaneously worldwide on November 19th.



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