Koo Hye Sun’s New Agency Released Behind-The-Scenes From Her Profile Photoshoot

Actress Koo Hye Sun announced a new beginning.

On November 13th, the agency IOK Company released a behind-the-scenes cut from the new profile shooting site that contains the colorful charms of Goo Hye-sun.

In the published photos, Koo Hye Sun captures the attention of viewers by expressing various clothing styles from a simple suit style to a lovely style in a white knitwear.

In particular, Koo Hye Sun’s skillful beauty in expressing her charismatic eyes, fresh smile, and meticulous fingertips with her excellent understanding of each costume style and concept shined brightly, and the back door that the filming was carried out in a friendly atmosphere while energizing the scene.

Koo Hye Sun’s new profile behind-the-scenes cut can be found in the official post of IOK Company.



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