Jeon So Mi Confessed About Her Days When She Suffered ‘Celebrity Disease’

Jeon So-mi confessed about her days when she suffered from the so-called ‘Celebrity Disease‘.

Jeon So-mi appeared on YouTube’s ‘Civilization Express – MMTG‘ on November 11th and honestly talked about the ‘Celebrity Disease’ she suffered after her debut.  In general, “celebrity disease” means that celebrities take their status for granted and ask for special treatment because they have influence and popularity. This term is similar to the “diva attitude” term in the Western showbiz.

On this day, Jeon So-mi said, “Actually, after debuting with IOI, the celebrity disease came and went once“.

She said, “I thought I had to look perfect in order to work 365 days a year without a day off. So I took it for granted that people around me take care of me.” She continued, “There’s a difference between asking and ‘Please do this~’, but I didn’t know that. There was something like that,” she explained.

When Jae-jae, the host of Civilization Express asked, “When did you realize it?” Jeon So-mi said, “When I debut, rumors circulate once in a while. Regardless of whether it’s true or not, things like “they said she wouldn’t greet anyone” always went around,” she confessed.

(I) am a Taekwondo person. A martial arts person. So I suddenly thought, “Did I act so out of my mind?” revealed the thing that encouraged her to cure the celebrity disease.

Jeon So-mi showed off her new charm by releasing her first full-length album ‘XOXO’ on October 29th.

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