HYBE To Create New Label ADOR (All Doors One Room) Selecting Min Hee Jin As The head Of The Label

HYBE CEO Park Ji Won establishes a new label ‘ADOR (All Doors One Room)’ and appoints Min Hee Jin as the CEO. The independent label will be under HYBE‘s multi-label system and will develop differentiated businesses that have not been attempted by existing labels. Moreover, ‘ADOR’ plans to release a new girl group in 2022 which follows the label’s own philosophy and color.

Since HYBE co-founded Belif Lab with CJ ENM in 2019, HYBE is planning to pursue artist IP expansion by acquiring competitive labels such as Source Music, Pledis Entertainment, and KOZ. ‘ADOR’ is the first one to be established as an independent label under the HYBE multi-label system since, in the past, HYBE only do a co-establishment or acquisition method.

CEO Min Hee Jin plans to develop a business that proposes new tastes by concentrating all of his capabilities on the new label ‘Ador’. 

Read his statement below,

‘As an independent label, we have formed an organization that can show new challenges in all areas, including production, business, and marketing, including our own music producing team and creative team, and we plan to expand the boundaries of content created with artists IP’.

Meanwhile, CEO Min Hee Ji, pioneered the change in the flow of the market by raising the keyword ‘concept’ to the surface of the entertainment industry, redefining the value and spreading it. Starting with Girls’ Generation in the past, they opened a new era of girl groups and presented innovative artist brandings such as SHINee and EXO.

 As the CEO of ‘Ador’, he said,

“We are ready to make another change in the music industry through the launch of a new label. Without fear of new challenges, we will present artist IPs and contents that can show the philosophy of ADOR.”

‘Ador’ is scheduled to debut its first rookie girl group in 2022. As a team that has been talked about as a ‘Min Hee Jin girl group raised expectations, it will be planned around the members selected through the ‘Plus Global Audition’ in 2019, and CEO Min Hee Jin will oversee the entire production process.


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