SALT Entertainment Clarifies Reports About Kim Ji Won’s Contract Expiration; Says It Was ‘Groundless’

It has been said that actor Kim Ji Won is ending her relationship with Kim Seon-ho’s agency, Salt Entertainment. However, Salt Entertainment countered that it was “groundless”.

On October 27t Salt Entertainment told, “The rumors and reports regarding the expiration of the exclusive contract with Kim Ji Won are groundless. The exclusive contract with Kim Ji Won is still pending. It is not yet the time to discuss renewal of contract or transfer.”

Earlier, the Hankook Ilbo reported for the first time that Kim Ji Won, citing an official, was looking for a new agency after ending her contract with Salt Entertainment. However, Salt Entertainment refuted that the contract period remained.

Salt Entertainment has recently emerged as a problematic company in the industry after suffering the fatal wound of ‘a lack of response from the agency’ due to ‘Kim Seon-ho’s privacy problem’. In this situation, the existence of Salt Entertainment itself is in jeopardy as rumors of the transfer of an actor from another agency have emerged.

Meanwhile, Kim Ji Won left King Kong by Starship, where she had worked for a long time, and signed an exclusive contract with Salt Entertainment in February last year.



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