HOLYBANG’s Honey J from Mnet ‘Street Woman Fighter’ to Reportedly Guest on MBC ‘I Live Alone’

The hot star of ‘Street Woman Fighter’, HOLYBANG leader Honey J appears in ‘I Live Alone’.

According to a broadcaster on October 27th, Honey J is currently filming MBC’s ‘I Live Alone’.

Honey J (real name Jung Ha-nui) is the leader of an authentic hip-hop dance crew, HOLYBANG, and a dancer who became more famous while appearing on Mnet’s ‘Street Woman Fighter’.

As a representative dancer and choreographer who has established a strong position in the girl’s hip-hop field, he is actively working with various artists including Park Jae-beom and Hyorin.

In particular, in ‘Street Woman Fighter’, which ended on October 26th, she gained great popularity as the eldest hip-hop unnie who knows how to overcome the results while being honest and straightforward, and led Team HOLYBAN to the championship. “Look, it’s a fight between sisters” left behind during a battle with Proudman’s Monica became a buzzword and was widely talked about.

Expectations and interest are focused on what kind of charm Honey J, who has revealed her single life through ‘I Live Alone’, will captivate viewers.

Honey J’s recording is scheduled to air in November.



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