GFRIEND’s Sowon Announces Acting Debut As Main Lead For Upcoming Film ‘Chilling Roommate’

Actress Kim So Jeong from the girl group GFRIEND takes on her first acting challenge.

On September 30, Kim So-jung’s agency IOK Company announced, “Actress Kim So-jung has been cast as the main character Jeong Se-ri in the cinematic ‘Chilling Rommate’ (produced by Contact Media).”

CINE-RAMA, co-planned by CGV and Contact Media, is a compound word of ‘Cinema’ and ‘Drama’. After screening, the drama version is released on domestic and overseas OTT and YouTube channels.

Cinerama ‘Chilling Rommate’ is a horror romantic comedy cinedrama about what happens when Jeong Se-ri, who can see ghosts, and Song Ji-chan (Jung Chan-woo), who accidentally turns into a ghost, accidentally start living together. It will be a point to watch the two main characters gradually open their hearts to each other and see how they change.

Kim So Jeong takes on the role of Jeong Se-ri, a part-time cafe student who has the ability to see ghosts due to a special incident. Jeong Se-ri is a person who lives a difficult life as much as she has special abilities, but does not lose her bright side.

As Kim So-jung is her first acting debut in ‘Chilling Rommate’, she has a special affection for her work and character, and is working hard to prepare for filming. In particular, it is rumored that she was completely immersed in the role of Jeong Se-ri in the recent script reading scene. Kim So-jung, who has a colorful charm and atmosphere, is gathering much anticipation as she announces her first full-fledged acting as an actress.

‘Chilling Rommate’ will be released as a drama version on various OTT platforms and YouTube channels after the theatrical release in the first half of 2022.



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