25 Seconds Guy Who Appeared In Netflix’s ‘Squid Game’ Revealed To Be Actor Lee Jung Jun

There is an actor who made a clear impression with his short appearance in Netflix drama ‘Squid Game’ which gain a successful worldwide box office hit. This is actor Lee Jung Jun, who appeared in episode 3 for only 25 seconds.

On September 24, Vietnamese media Sao Star reported that the square masked man in ‘Squid Game’ is gaining popularity. In the 3rd episode of ‘Squid Game’ entitled ‘The Man with the Umbrella’, Lee Jung Jun, who appeared as the manager wearing a square mask, took off his mask and revealed his face when he was threatened to kill by a participant who could not acknowledge the result of the game in the play.

The time Lee Jung Jun took off his mask and revealed his face was only 25 seconds, and there were no special lines, but viewers who watched the episode said, “The appearance and exit were impressive, so I couldn’t forget it.”

Born in 1999, Lee Jung Jun is currently attending the acting department at the Korea National University of Arts and has appeared in web dramas ‘When I Was Filmed by Iljin Season 2’ and ‘You’re Writing Your Destiny’. He also played the child role of actor Shin Sung-rok in the MBC drama ‘Kairos’.

While building up his filmography step by step, Lee Jung Jun, who made his name known worldwide through ‘Squid Game’, has gained more than 490,000 Instagram followers after the release of ‘Squid Game’.

Also a Filipino actor Christian Lagahill, who appeared as a colleague of Pakistani worker Abdul Ali (Anupam Tripati) in the play, also became a star in his home country. He appeared as participant number 276 in the 4th episode entitled ‘Eating a side even if you’re scared’, proposing Ali to join him before the tug-of-war game.

Although it was a brief appearance, ‘Squid Game’ became popular on Netflix in the Philippines, and the Filipino media and the public paid attention to Christian Lagahill, a native of the Philippines, and he conducted an interview with CNN New Day in the Philippines.

In an interview, Christian Lagahill said, “I was originally aiming for the role of Ali.” “I never imagined that ‘Squid Game’ would enjoy the same popularity not only in the Philippines but also around the world. I am proud to represent the Filipino community.”



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