ATEEZ Achieves 700 Million Streams On Spotify

Boy group ATEEZ has achieved 700 million streams on Spotify.

KQ Entertainment issued a statement on the 1st that ATEEZ‘s total number of streams on Spotify already exceeded 700 million. Earlier they broke 600 million streams by the end of May, which increased 100 million three months which broke another record.

ATEEZ released their 2nd mini-album ‘TREASURE EP.2: Zero To One, the title song ‘Say My Name’, and their 3rd mini-album ‘TREASURE EP.3: One Two’. All’ (TREASURE EP.3: One To All) title song ‘WAVE‘, 1st regular album ‘TREASURE EP.FIN: All To Action’ (TREASURE EP.FIN: All To Action) Title song ‘Wonderland’ (WONDERLAND) which achieved 50 million streams as a single song.

In addition, ATEEZ, which has 1.7 million followers on Spotify, recently broke its own record by achieving over 2.4 million monthly listeners.

ATEEZ plans to make a comeback on the 13th at 6 pm with the new album ‘ZERO: FEVER Part.3‘.


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