“They’re just friends” — Fans debunk potential romance between Stray Kids’ Lee Know and NMIXX’s Sullyoon

A recent post on an online community has caused a buzz, claiming that Sullyoon from NMIXX and Lee Know from Stray Kids might be in a romantic relationship.

This post, which included a video clip, was uploaded on August 26th and caught the attention of many.

The video comes from a fan who captured a moment at the ‘2023 Ulsan Summer Festival‘ on August 7th.

However, most of the comments from netizens suggest that they’re not convinced by this alleged relationship.

Here are some of the top comments:

“They’re both from the same label and even host ‘Music Core’ together. It’s natural for them to be close!”

“Why would Sullyoon date someone around 160cm tall?”

“Don’t people have friends of the opposite gender? They simply seem to be having a friendly conversation. This video doesn’t really prove they’re dating.”

“They were clearly enjoying STAYC’s performance, smh.”

“Sullyoon is actually dating Kyungmun, lol.”

“Could everyone please stop making up these stories?”

“No wonder idols don’t interact anymore. People make sure the experience is as insufferable as possible for all parties involved.”

“Idols can’t even look at each other without people speculating they’re into each other. No wonder some idols are awkward and don’t give any reactions towards their fellow idols, even if they worked together.”

“I thought they were at least out together or something, but they’re on one of their schedules and just talking while watching a performance. No wonder idols don’t interact publicly, no matter how close friends they are; if they breathe next to each other, they’re suddenly dating.”

So, despite the rumors, it looks like many fans aren’t buying into the idea of Sullyoon and Lee Know being in a relationship.



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