“I never imagined it would suit her” — NewJeans’ Minji surprises fans with stunning new look at Music Bank

NewJeansMinji, known for her consistent traditional beauty, has stuck to her signature hairstyle since her debut.

However, a recent change caught fans off guard. At a Music Bank appearance, Minji sported full bangs, showcasing a different look.

During the performance of “ASAP,” all the members flaunted similar hairstyles. Notably, Minji flaunted a stylish ensemble from Chanel, a brand she represents.

She donned a tweed jacket paired with matching bottoms and a white tank top. Cameras captured her stunning appearance on her way to work.

Fans were awestruck by how well the new hairstyle suited her. Despite some disappointment upon realizing it might be a clip-on wig, the bangs highlighted her innocent and lovely charm.

Netizens couldn’t contain their praise:

“Wow, she’s incredibly pretty.”

“I never imagined bangs would suit her, considering her classic beauty. But she’s rocking them! She’s stunning.”

“She embodies the beauty of a classic first love.”

“Today, she’s truly legendary.”

“For the full experience, watch the video. It’s the real deal, kids.”

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