Min Hee Jin’s outfit is selling out after NewJeans’ Minji wore an uncanny resemblance to her press conference look

The recent press conference held by Min Hee Jin, CEO of ADOR, has stirred quite a buzz. What caught everyone’s attention? Her outfit, which bears an uncanny resemblance to the one worn by NewJeans‘s Minji in her comeback teaser.

On April 25th, Min Hee Jin urgently addressed controversies surrounding her, including allegations of usurping management rights at ADOR. Alongside her legal representative, she faced the media head-on.

Min Hee Jin‘s attire that day featured a green striped sweatshirt and a blue baseball cap. This ensemble quickly became known as the “Min Hee Jin look.”

Interestingly, the green striped shirt, sourced from a Japanese fashion brand, sold out on their official website right after the press conference. The blue cap also vanished from certain domestic sites.

On April 26th, NewJeans unveiled a double single jacket photo for their track “How Sweet.” And guess what? Minji‘s outfit in the photo bore striking similarities to Min Hee Jin‘s press conference attire. Minji rocked a green striped T-shirt and a purple baseball cap.

Netizens are abuzz with theories. Was Min Hee Jin intentionally donning this outfit as part of NewJeans‘s promotional strategy for their upcoming album?

Despite the ongoing dispute with HYBE, Min Hee Jin actively supported NewJeans by sharing the “How Sweet” jacket photo on her social media.

Keep an eye out for NewJeans‘s music video release! “Bubble Gum,” one of the tracks from their upcoming double single, is set to drop on May 27th via the HYBE Labels channel.



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