IVE’s Jang Wonyoung Shares About Her True Personality Off-cam at “Salon Drip 2”

Contrary to her perceived image, Wonyoung described herself as outgoing and sociable. She expressed a love for interacting with others, emphasizing that she’s not shy at all.

Even in front of crowds or on programs, she asserted that she rarely feels nervous, indicating a confident demeanor.

However, despite her boldness in social settings, Wonyoung confessed to having fears like anyone else.

She admitted to being scared of ghosts and bugs, even sharing her habit of turning on all the lights after watching horror movies for a month.

Korean netizens reacted positively to Wonyoung‘s revelations, appreciating her down-to-earth attitude and focus on her craft rather than flaunting friendships.

Many commended her professionalism and dedication to her fans, noting that showing off friendships isn’t necessary for idol success.

Overall, Wonyoung‘s candid discussion on ‘Salon Drip 2’ provided fans with a deeper understanding of her personality, showcasing her genuine and relatable nature beyond the stage.



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