“How could this happen?” — Lee Chae Yeon & AB6IX’s Park Woo Jin Recall Emotional Experience of Leaving JYP Entertainment

In a recent episode of ‘Inssadong Sulzzi’, a YouTube series hosted by Lee Chae Yeon, former JYP Entertainment trainees took a nostalgic trip back to their early trainee days.

This week’s episode featured AB6IX members Park Woo Jin and Kim Dong Hyun, who spent their formative years at JYPE alongside Lee Chae Yeon.

When asked to share anecdotes from their trainee days, Park Woo Jin revealed, “The time I remember the most was when we were both let go.” This statement led to a burst of laughter from Lee Chae Yeon, who clarified, “Originally, we were both supposed to be cut on the same day.”

Park Woo Jin, surprised by this revelation, responded, “Oh, really? I didn’t know that.” Lee Chae Yeon continued the story, “But it ended up that I got cut first. So all of the trainees were in an uproar, crying and comforting me. Woo Jin also comforted me that day.”

Park Woo Jin then shared his own recollection of the day, “Two people left that day. Lee Dae Hwi and Lee Chae Yeon. But Chae Yeon was the most talented among the trainees at the time, and everyone pretty much considered Dae Hwi already an employee there. So when we all heard that they were being cut, everyone was shocked.”

He continued, “I was thinking, ‘How could this happen?’, on the stairs, and then the lesson schedule for the next day was posted. I pulled it up, and I saw that my name was not listed in the rap lesson.”

While both Lee Chae Yeon and Kim Dong Hyun laughed, Park Woo Jin added, “So I sent the supervisor a message, asking, ‘Do I not have lessons tomorrow?’. And then they replied… ‘Woo Jin, are you still here?’”

Park Woo Jin concluded, “That day, I told them jokingly, ‘I might be right behind you two,’, but then I was really called up the next day. That is how we got cut around the same time. But in the end, I was more hurt and more lonely.”

For more insights into their trainee days and their journey since, watch the full episode of ‘Inssadong Sulzzi’ with AB6IX’s Park Woo Jin and Kim Dong Hyun.

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