“Acting like nothing happened” — Seventeen’s Joshua is all smiles in his first update after dating news, netizens react

Seventeen‘s Joshua has shared a selfie on Weverse, marking his first update after a recent dating scandal.

On August 26th, Joshua surprised fans by posting his own selfie on Weverse. This update follows a period of quiet that many believed was linked to the dating controversy.

His message was simple: “Carats, good work today!!

However, fans had mixed reactions to Joshua’s post. The reason being, Joshua didn’t confirm or deny the dating scandal and had been keeping a low profile until now, except for messages to his fellow members.

Here are some of the comments and tweets:

“I wonder if he’s sharing that outfit with his girlfriend.”

“I’m more curious about when his girlfriend will update her Instagram, lol.”

“Why get upset whether he updates or stays silent? Smh.”

“I honestly don’t care if he’s dating or not. I missed him.”

“Why are you acting like you bring your boyfriend to work? Completely unprofessional.”

“The most shocking thing was him inviting his girlfriend and her friends to the best seats at the fan concert. He even waved at them during an online concert. I can’t understand how he’s acting like nothing happened.”

“He rarely posts on Weverse, lol. And of all times, he updates now. Makes me wonder.”

“Joshua, I’m supporting you. Take care!”

About three weeks ago, Joshua‘s dating scandal emerged when fans and netizens speculated that his alleged influencer girlfriend shared clothes and accessories with him. This suspicion arose from spotting them wearing similar items.



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