BLACKSWAN Fatou’s relatable live reaction to BTS Jungkook’s explicit version of “Seven” has netizens dying of laughter

BTS member Jungkook has surprised fans by releasing an explicit version of his debut solo track “Seven,” shedding some of his youthful image.

Notably, this unexpected move garnered praise from singer Jessi, who appreciated Jungkook’s display of maturity. Interestingly, it also led to a funny incident involving BLACKSWAN‘s Fatou during a live broadcast.

While playing “Seven” for her fans, Fatou enthusiastically danced along to the song’s lyrics until something unexpected happened.

As she was gearing up for the lyrics “I’ll be lovin’ you right,” Fatou unintentionally made a heart gesture with her fingers.

However, due to the explicit version’s altered lyrics, she heard “I’ll be f*ckin’ you right” instead. This caught her off guard, causing her eyes to widen in surprise before she quickly turned away from the camera.

Fans found Fatou‘s reaction highly relatable and amusing, with many admitting they had a similar response upon hearing the explicit line for the first time.

The entertaining moment gained so much attention that fans started creating memes about the incident. These memes quickly went viral, accumulating over a million views.

Beyond providing a good laugh, Fatou‘s relatable reaction has also sparked fans’ curiosity about the charming idol. They are now eager to learn more about her personality and background.



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