“Supportive queens” — ITZY Ryujin’s touching reaction to TWICE’s Jihyo’s music show win will get you right in the feels

Netizens can’t stop gushing about Ryujin‘s adorable reaction when Jihyo secured the top spot!

In an online discussion, ITZY‘s Ryujin has captured everyone’s heart with her heartfelt and sweet expressions of congratulations for TWICE‘s Jihyo, who clinched the #1 spot on ‘Music Bank‘ with her solo debut track “Killin’ Me Good.”

One observant netizen shared:

“OMG, Ryujin looked like she was about to cry tears of joy seeing her senior Jihyo win the #1 spot T_T Haha, the strong bond within the JYP family is so heartwarming T_____T”

They also added in the post’s title, “When watching Jihyo’s winning moment again, Ryujin’s cute reaction steals the show.”

In the comments section, other netizens chimed in, mentioning how captivating it was to witness idols like Yerin showering Jihyo with such enthusiastic congratulatory gestures.

One netizen even shared a meme from Twitter, featuring a screenshot and the caption:

“Jihyo wins #1, and here come all these supportive queens—”

Another user highlighted a news article headline that focused on ITZY‘s Ryujin getting teary-eyed as she shared in Jihyo‘s victory.

Additional reactions include:

“Our Ryujin shedding real tears along with Jihyo”

“Securing the #1 spot is no joke nowadays. I think they’re crying because they understand the struggle this album faced under a company that maybe didn’t invest as much. Yet, she emerged victorious at #1.”

“I believe Ryujin’s tears stem from her connection with Jihyo as a senior within the company. She likely knows the challenges of getting genuine support and investment while promoting.”

“Winning the top spot is an incredible feat. It’s hard to picture all the individual members going solo and each grabbing #1 later on.”

“500k album copies sold in the first week is truly remarkable. The music video and choreography are top-notch as well.”

“It’s nostalgic to see Yerin from GFRIEND, as it brings back memories of the TWICE and GFRIEND era.”

What are your thoughts?

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