Netizens react to an alleged pre-debut photos of RIIZE’s Seunghan at a ‘hotel’ with his girlfriend

SM Entertainment‘s upcoming boy group, RIIZE, has been making headlines since their official introduction in July.

The group consists of seven members, including former NCT members Shotaro and Sungchan. Fans have been getting to know RIIZE through their pre-release tracks and fun content shared on social media.

The buzz around the new boy group is huge. They’ve already gained a dedicated fanbase. Recently, fans rallied behind member Seunghan when photos allegedly showing him in a kissing “couple photo” started circulating from an unknown source.

These pictures were shared on Twitter with a hashtag featuring Seunghan‘s name. However, the authenticity of the photos is uncertain since they were posted without much context.

In a matter of hours, the tweet with the photos garnered over seven million views and 22,700 quote tweets. Most fans expressed support for Seunghan, who is set to officially debut on September 4th.

While some fans questioned the credibility of the photos, others reminded everyone that idols had lives before debuting and deserved respect as individuals.

International fans stood by Seunghan, showing their support regardless of whether they believed the photos were real or not.

Many saw the immense response to the tweet as a positive sign of the group’s global popularity before their official debut.

As the reactions to the alleged photos of Seunghan continue to pour in, SM Entertainment has yet to issue a response.

Meanwhile, Korean netizens have a different response compared to International fans.

Here’s what K-netizens are saying:

“Ugh, this is uncomfortable. Feels like these were meant to show off to his friends. It’s really grossing me out.”

“Putting aside the dating aspect, he looks so average. Is he really an idol?”

“Controversies these days are taking a more mature turn. They’re evolving in unexpected ways.”

“Why are male idols behaving like this now?”

“Wasn’t he a trainee at that time? This is quite shocking for a trainee.”

What are your thoughts?

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