RIIZE’s Wonbin surprises netizens with his real height among members!

Netizens were taken aback to find out that RIIZE member Wonbin is shorter than the rest of the group.

On August 27, a post on a well-liked online community caught everyone’s attention as it spotlighted RIIZE‘s Wonbin.

The post originally asked, “What’s the Deal with RIIZE Wonbin’s Height?” along with photos with the caption, “I wonder how tall he is?“.

More than 700 netizens joined the conversation, sharing their thoughts below the post:

“Whoa, I didn’t expect him to be this short!”

“His good looks make up for his height!”

“Sohee seems short too…”

“Back in the day, being over 180cm was a big deal, but times have changed.”

“I’m guessing he’s around 175cm. Sungchan and Anton are both 185-186cm, so no wonder Wonbin seems shorter.”

“Wonbin isn’t short, those around him are just super tall!”

“He’s maybe around 175cm. Sungchan is 185/186cm. Putting him next to Sungchan and Anton doesn’t help, lol.”

“He’s either short or just regular-sized, and the others are giants! But he’s an awesome performer and super charming. It’s funny that he seemed nervous before going on stage, but then he rocked the performance confidently. Kudos to SM for their center concept, it’s spot on!”

“He’s 177-178cm, not really short, but he looks tiny next to Anton and Sungchan, who are 186cm and 185cm.”

“Let’s see him standing next to Stray Kids to finally confirm if he’s a cute ‘shorty’!”

What are your thoughts?

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