“Until we meet again” — Actor Kim Woo Bin expresses heartfelt condolences for fan’s passing

Actor Kim Woo Bin recently shared his heartfelt condolences on his Instagram on August 27th, remembering a beloved fan who has passed away.

He posted a touching letter from the fan, Ji Won, and expressed his feelings in the caption:

Thinking of you, Ji Won, who was always bright and cheerful. I realized the journey you’ve had only after saying a final goodbye. It hurts to know that not long ago, you visited me with a smile and warm greetings. Ji Won, I won’t consider this goodbye forever. I hope you’re in a place of eternal happiness and health. When we reunite someday, we’ll capture countless pictures together and make up for lost time. Stay tuned for my upcoming projects that you are eagerly awaiting. I’m incredibly thankful to have had you as my fan. Until we meet again.”

Reports also share that Kim Woo Bin went beyond sending flowers to the funeral; he personally attended to pay his respects to the fan who had touched his heart.

The late fan’s sister expressed her gratitude, stating:

The flowers you sent were already a source of comfort, but your presence at the funeral meant the world to our family. Your visit reassured us immensely. Now that my sister, who cherished you every day, has had the chance to see you one last time, she can depart without regrets. Thank you deeply for making the journey and saying farewell to my sister despite your busy schedule. I wish you all the best in your future endeavors. May all your projects be successful and keep you joyful. Thank you for being there during my sister’s final moments.”

Kim Woo Bin‘s genuine sorrow and kind gestures in this time of loss show the strong bond he shared with his fans.

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